Securely Store Your Most Important Documents in the Cloud With LifeCase

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What Is LifeCase

We all have important documents that reflect where we’ve been (birth certificate) and where we are headed (trust & will). Although these documents and their directives are essential, we find that oftentimes clients cannot easily access them or are underprepared. Like everything else in life, these types of documents are most needed when you least expect it – you’re traveling in a faraway land, you’re not home and need to access a copy your birth certificate, or, in a worst case scenario, when you’ve lost a loved one. In preparation for these types of situations it is a great idea to gather all of your important documents, organize them and make them easily accessible. This is where LifeCase becomes a solution, by securing these documents for access from anywhere.

What Kind of Documents Could I Store in LifeCase?

- Social security cards, birth certificates, and marriage certificates
- Current financial account statements
- Current credit card statements
- Tax returns
- Insurance policies
- A list of passwords
- Wills and estate documents
- Health care powers of attorney and directives
- Financial powers of attorney

How does this work?

Your documents are stored in a secured cloud folder powered by Box. Once you gather your documents, our team will help you login and manage this service. Box is a secure data management company that manages files for companies like Morgan Stanley, Intuit, Adobe, Disney and more. This service uses bank-level encryption to protect files in transit and while at rest. Specifically, TLS 1.2 encryption for strong encryption in-transit and 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest. If you have any questions regarding this service or cybersecurity at Main Street Research, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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