A Comprehensive Relationship
With Each and Every Client

Discovery Process - An effective use of your time

We understand that clients who are referred to us are looking for the right firm that can provide specific solutions and results that they have been unable to find previously. It in this spirit that prior to engaging with a you we spend time discovering your wants, needs and wishes in terms of wealth and investment management. If we are confident that we can deliver tailored solutions to each of these expectations it forms the basis of a great long-term relationship.

The initial discovery process is usually best conducted though a brief phone call, virtual meeting or by completing an online survey allowing the you to describe your “ideal” advisor. From this initial phase of gathering information our team will set up a meeting between you and one or two of our senior level partners to confirm your expectations and discuss and describe how we can deliver tailored solutions. 

Handled correctly, our discovery process should save you time – which is a valuable commodity.


Once we have discovered that our services are well aligned for you we will want to begin our onboarding process! This process begins by completing a brief investment policy questionnaire which allows you to describe your feelings about risk, sensitivity to restricting certain types of investments, and any other important aspects of how you would prefer your assets be managed. Since we manage each client portfolio separately there is room for us to tailor your portfolio to your wishes.

Once we have received your completed policy statement we begin wealth planning and portfolio management services simultaneously. You will be led by a team of advisors who will be your contacts throughout your relationship. Your planner will begin working with you to build a detailed road map of your finances, while the portfolio management team lead by your advisor will meet with you to discuss your current investment holdings and our firm’s strategy for changes over the coming days and weeks. Unlike most other firms, we take time and care to carefully change your portfolio while keeping you abreast along the way.

Communication & Reporting

A crucial part of all relationships is effective communication. Typically the beginning of our relationship require quite a bit of communication to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in our work and that we understand each detail of your finances and investment expectations. After the first month we let you decide how often you would like personal reviews our work together – quarterly, semi-annually or yearly seem to be popular choices.

Beyond our meetings with you, our team proactively communicates via virtual and written updates to keep you up-to-date! We report to you quarterly with GIPS compliant performance metrics and you have the ability to view your portfolio on any device, any day using our ClientPort application. Most of our clients like the convenience and time saving aspect of meeting ‘virtually’ and we conduct most meetings that way, but we also extend invitations to visit one of our offices.

Our Fee Structures

Option 1

Asset Based Fees

At Main Street Research, our services are available on a fee-only basis. Fees are based on the value of assets under management starting at 1.25% annually and declining to .50% depending on the size of the total portfolio. A minimum investment is required – please inquire.


Management Fees
Relative to Assets:

  • 1.25% first $2M
  • 1.00% next $3M
  • 0.75% next $5M
  • 0.50% next $10M
  • 0.25% next $20M
  • 0.15% next $20M
  • 0.10% over $60M
Option 2

Performance Based Fees*

Main Street Research also offers a fee structure based on the asset value and performance of your investment portfolio. Performance based fees are equal to a percentage of the “net” profit of the investment portfolio and are subject to a high “watermark.” Therefore, Main Street Research is only entitled to a performance fee when the portfolio reaches successive, higher market values.

Management Fees Relative to Assets:

  • .75% on the first $2M
  • .625% on the next $3M
  • .50% on the next $5M
  • .25% amounts over $10M
  • .15% amounts over $20M
  • .10% amounts over $40M

Performance Allocation:

  • Assets less than $5M 5%
  • Assets $5-10M 4%
  • Assets $10-20M 3%
  • Assets $20-60M 2%
  • Assets over $60M 1%
  • % of net new profits with watermark

*In order to select our performance based fee, the Client must be a “Qualified Client” within the meaning of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Investment Advisors Act of 1940, rule 205-3 as amended.  This criterion would include either a total net worth of $2,200,000 or assets under management with Main Street Research LLC of $1,100,000 or more. A minimum investment is required – please inquire.

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