Jack Sondag

Co-Director of Marketing

Jack is responsible for strategic and operational marketing and technology at Main Street Research. Jack is a crucial component of client retention and new client referrals by ensuring that the firm has the right technology and the right message to attract and retain clients. Jack has recently joined our firm, but before his full-time position, Jack was an intern at Main Street Research for over a year and helped build marketing strategies including redesigning the current website. Jack brings his extensive creative and analytical background with experience as a professional photographer, designer, and researcher. Jack’s experience in technology also informs his independent research interest in Cryptocurrencies which has helped the firm understand this new area of innovation.

Jack recently graduated from Santa Clara University, a Jesuit school in the bay area where he received his bachelor of science degree cum laude in psychology. He also studied at the retail management institute where he received his minor in retail studies and marketing.

In his free time, Jack enjoys learning new skills and practicing some old ones. He is currently learning to play the guitar, surf, and code in Python. He enjoys nature and landscape film photography and is currently reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Jack is based out of our headquarters in Sausalito, CA.

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