Benjamin B. Armellini

Partner – Portfolio Manager

Benjamin has experience ranging from investment management to wealth planning. He directs the firm’s quantitative strategies, which assist the Investment Policy Committee in security selection, risk management, and trading. Benjamin is highly involved in our Active Risk Management process, which includes stop-loss price selection and scenario analysis. Additionally, he reviews firm-wide as well as client-specific asset allocations, sector exposures, and security holdings. Benjamin leads Investment Policy Committee meetings and regularly contributes to Strategy Updates, in addition to other market-related publications and public speaking events. He serves as a portfolio manager and is considered a next-generation leader at Main Street Research.

Benjamin graduated from Gettysburg College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and played for the Bullets lacrosse team, which set a school record for wins. He also holds a Master of Science (MS) degree in Financial Analysis from the University of San Francisco, School of Management. Benjamin is a member of the American Economic Association and Economic Science Association. He is a proud member of the Olympic Club and serves on the Alumni Council of his alma mater Kent School.

Outside of the office, Benjamin can be found outdoors, or traveling with his family. He is an avid chef and enjoys live music on any occasion. Benjamin is based out of our Greenwich, CT office.

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